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Rennakins, December 2nd, 2012, 11:58 pm

- Amelia, why is it that you try too hard while Mikko doesn't try hard enough? You two are crazy.

@dontCALLmePRETTYboy: At this point he is probably only just starting to realize it. :) But yeah, Mikko is used to catering to other people, even if it's in his own weird way (such as wanting to shower his sister in awkward attention haha...)

@Almightyra: Yeah that's right, I will never divulge my secrets. :V

@Subaru: Haha yeah I have a hard time writing Mikko sometimes when he's showing emotion, because he's not totally aware of himself. He likes Amelia, but is only beginning to realize it.

@Half Moon: Hooray for the building! XD And hooray for the cute outfit!

@Tophatt: Haha at least he's not defensive about his feelings. That'd backfire even faster!

@anko2468: I think that was the most beautiful thing I have read all week XD

@3o-s-knight: Lol I do love awkwardness in my comics. <3

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Reader Comments:

oh noes..

......... :( she is so going to tell him.... and he will reject her... and she will leave and cry and miss the party... and Mikko will brood... and i will cry..... and and... well at least she can move on after that... and "McBroody" will realize he likes her... and ::cough cough:: wayyyy more age appropriate this time...
;0.... k im happy now

posted by dontCALLmePRETTYboy on December 3rd, 2012, 12:08 am


Amelia is simply stunning! Though...... I get this funny feeling Amelia is going through with Miko's suggestion....... and Noah's reaction tells me it may not go well (as I haven't seen any signs of Noah liking Amelia :c).......

Ahahaha... yeah, I understand XD. He's not really expressive and is usually an awkward guy, or at least that's what i think XD. Dude, I hope it goes well for him. It actually MAY, actually, in the end maybe... Noah will reject Amelia, Miko will be there for her, and bam, right?

Wait.... I was suppose to be a Noah/Amelia girl, still am but.......... WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?????

posted by Subaru (Guest) on December 3rd, 2012, 12:24 am


me thinks there will be a misunderstanding in near future

posted by Almightyra on December 3rd, 2012, 12:29 am


just found this today and i'm all caught up! can't wait to see how things go :-D

posted by te-chan on December 3rd, 2012, 8:42 am


Yay for pretty dresses!!!!!!!! and they just balance each other outtttttt.......!!!!

posted by Half Moon (Guest) on December 3rd, 2012, 9:50 am


oh man she's pretty +A+ yeah i am equally nervous, what the hell is gunna happen?? ='I

posted by 3o-s-knight on December 3rd, 2012, 10:43 am


Oh Amelia,trying too hard never helps.

Or does it..?

posted by Iron on December 3rd, 2012, 2:08 pm


daYUM Amelia You look pretty as hell! Now watch when you show up to the dinner like that and give Mikko a heart attack

posted by anko2468 (Guest) on December 3rd, 2012, 2:48 pm



Mikko is going to die.
Hell. I think everyone else would.
Except Jimmy, he'll be her fabulous gay friend who probably helped her with the outfit LOL

posted by tangyskittles on December 3rd, 2012, 11:45 pm


Amelia you so pretty :( I'm afraid to know what happens! D:

Then again...

Forget Noah. What about Miko, you silly girl? XD

posted by SeaCrest (Guest) on December 5th, 2012, 12:31 am

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